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One World Football & Marathon


Play Matches, Pledge Steps or Miles, and Build Teams Globally

The One World Football & Marathon were each created with the assistance of partners from around the world. It is designed to unite people without regard to borders, ethnic backgrounds, religions, race, or politics. To learn more about the events we are planning globally, please email us with your name, location, contact information, and the number of people that your school, youth program, fitness facility, club, or organization would like to have joined. In addition, you can click on the attached PDFs that will provide more detailed information on the events. 

One World Strong Foundation embodies the core principles of connection and cooperation, supporting the belief that people around the world should work together toward common goals. To reinforce that message, we’ve proposed virtual football and marathon events, where teams of participants from around the world can compete on the pitch playing football/soccer or combine their efforts to achieve a total of 26.2 miles (or 42.2km) over multi-day events. Participants apply and sign up for a distance they will contribute on the event dates.

We're encouraging schools, youth groups, and other fitness-minded organizations globally to produce and share their version/vision of what the One World Football & Marathon means to them. Please show how you can promote peace and unity in your local community through art—pictures, drawings, music, etc. Some examples are on this page. We look forward to seeing what you come up with. Have fun! Share on social media!


 How to Join


Click the "One World Football and Marathon - Free Sign Up" button between the pictures on this page - build a team and have fun! 


If you are looking for a team to join, you can leave a message here on our website (click on the contact us link above), or leave a message on the One World Marathon Facebook page. Either way, we'll help you connect with others to build teams.

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