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Empowering local, regional, and national terrorism prevention practitioners, relevant frontline responders, and individual Americans seeking support by providing access to a holistic, one-stop-shop platform. 

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What is the Resilience Network?

An app that connects individuals, survivors, first responders, refugees and victims to relevant practitioners, services, and resources, regardless of geographic location.


What Services Does it Offer?

  • Terrorism prevention resources

  • Contact information for relevant mental health services

  • Secure chat function to engage real-time with a trained mental health professional

  • Original content featuring survivors of terror and former extremists

  • Access to the McCain Institute Prevention Practitioner Network

  • Library of resources for individuals, educators and families

  • Peer connection

Building resilience

One World Strong is available to provide mental health support for anyone who may be at risk. ResilienceNet offers a thorough guide to various therapy methods, as well as resource guides for dealing with hate, trauma, emotional wellness, and loss.

Peer Connections

Connecting with others who have survived similar experiences is crucial for overcoming trauma. ResilienceNet facilitates peer-to-peer connections through the One World Strong Network (OWSN) and Lived Experiences. These features connect people impacted by terrorism, extremism, and mass casualty events and share videos of personal recovery stories. Te platform also has videos of former extremist who share their life stories and how they are healing from the hatred they once felt. 


ResilienceNet provides a directory of organizations operating throughout the United States that offer school and workplace programs aimed at promoting safer and stronger communities. By using the app, users can easily access free resources offered by these organizations to promote resilience.

Targeted violence prevention

ResilienceNet is a platform for professionals and similar organizations from various disciplines to combat hate-based violence and prevent targeted violence and terrorism. The goal is to build capacity in this field, including outreach in the mental and behavioral health sectors.

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