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Our Mission

One World Strong’s mission is to establish a vibrant international community of survivors of terrorism, hate crimes, or traumatic events that provides peer-to-peer hope, support, and mentorship to anyone impacted by these events.


Survivors of the Quebec City Mosque attack visiting survivors and first responders in Pittsburgh after the Synagogue attack. 

One World Strong is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to building a robust and diverse international community of survivors who have been impacted by terrorism, hate crimes, or other traumatic events. The community aims to provide a platform where individuals can connect, share their experiences, and support one another through their healing journey.


One World Strong's primary objective is to foster a sense of togetherness among survivors, creating a safe and inclusive space where they can find comfort and solace. The community believes that by bringing survivors together, they can create a support system that helps them overcome the challenges they face and inspire hope in others who have been impacted by similar events.


The organization's initiatives are designed to empower survivors around the world, helping them find the strength to heal and build a better future for themselves and others. One World Strong aims to provide survivors with opportunities to connect, share stories, and offer mentorship to others who are going through similar experiences.


Through its various programs, One World Strong seeks to create a global community of survivors who are committed to supporting one another and promoting healing and resilience. The organization believes that by coming together, survivors can find the strength to overcome the trauma of their experiences and build a brighter future for themselves and others.

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