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Cities of Unbroken


Join the Unbroken Cities Network (UCN) today and become part of a powerful movement to create a more resilient future for our cities. Through this innovative partnership between Unbroken Ukraine and One World Strong, cities can support one another in times of crisis, building interconnected networks of mutual aid and support. With UCN, cities can provide sustainable assistance to each other, standing stronger together and creating a brighter future for all. Don't wait - join us now and be part of the solution!

“We must spread information about our ecosystem and look for useful contacts, advice, and resources. This is what city networks such as the UNBROKEN Cities Network do. We talked to those who want to help Ukraine, Lviv, and the rehabilitation area – city leaders who can potentially become our brothers and partners.” 

Unbroken Ukraine

Discover the vibrant cities that are part of this extensive network. Come and discover the unique character of each city and experience the rich culture they have to offer. 


City of Würzburg

Life in Würzburg, Germany

Discover the fascinating cultural characteristics that make this member city truly great. Click here to explore and learn more.


City of Liverpool

Liverpool, England: Come for the Soccer, Stay for the People

This member city recognizes and values the contribution of people towards its cultural heritage. Click here to learn more about this member city.


City of Trento

Precious Italian History in Trento, Italy

Discover the beauty of a historic city that boasts a rich cultural heritage, a renowned university, and a unique blend of forest and snow. Click here for more information.


City of Cannes

A Magical, Cinematic City in Cannes, France

Discover how Cannes is supporting the construction of a facility for the elderly in Lviv, Ukraine! Click here to learn more about this city.


City of Greater Manchester 

Doing Things Differently in Great Manchester, England

A member city committed to collaborating within communities to ensure a high quality of life for all individuals. Click here to learn more.


City of Lviv

Lviv, Ukraine - A City Full of Passion.

Explore the vibrant culture, dynamic people, and thriving industries of this member city. Click here to learn more. 


City of Aarhus

A Home for Displaced Ukrainians in Aarhus, Denmark

Discover valuable resources and support for Ukrainians in this member city. Click here to learn more and get the assistance you need to thrive.

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