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How We Do It

One World Strong works tirelessly to provide the most comprehensive assistance and support to communities worldwide. The organization leverages a variety of channels, including partnerships with local initiatives, government agencies, and other non-profits to deliver tangible benefits to those in need. 

Early On-Site Intervention

Within days of a traumatic event, we deploy to the local community to meet face-to-face with anyone who has been directly affected. We attempt to pair each individual with one of our experienced survivor mentors. These mentors have all been impacted by similar injuries or issues themselves, and have experience navigating the complex labyrinth  of physical and emotional recovery. They offer hope, guidance, coaching, and companionship.

Long-term relationships facilitated by technology

A secure private network with simultaneous translation capabilities enables our survivor mentors to maintain a vibrant friendship with each person they coach. Unrestricted by the barriers of language or distance, these relationships can then flourish and grow naturally, allowing the healing process to evolve organically over time.

Follow up support visits

Our support doesn’t end after just one encounter. We make return trips to a traumatized community whenever circumstances warrant it. This might be due to ongoing conflict in the area, unexpected fallout from the initial event, or significant anniversaries of attacks.


Survivors of trauma and their loved ones can download the free and secure ResilienceNet application to access an extensive list of resources, organizations, and individuals that may help them on their road to recovery. 

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