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Mayors across the U.K. and the U.S. are coming together with U.S.-based charities One World Strong and Semper Fi & America’s Fund to launch Unbroken Cities - a new network to support Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovyy in his mission to make his city become Ukraine’s national reconstruction and rehabilitation center during the current conflict and the years beyond. 

We will hold a virtual meeting in early February to share more about this growing network of mayors and how you can directly assist the mayor of Lviv. Please share your email below so we can reach you as we work to finalize the date and time for this meeting. 

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Lviv, a city rich in culture, has been robbed of everything due to the ongoing war in Ukraine since February 2022. Homes, families, and childhoods have been lost, leaving behind a trail of devastation. However, the city of Lviv has become a beacon of hope, offering a safe haven for those seeking refuge from the turmoil. 


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National Hub 

Inspired by the Ukrainians’ defiance to Russia’s war of aggression, Unbroken serves as a national hub for medical treatment, prostheses, physical and psychological rehabilitation, housing, and reintegration services to injured military personnel and civilians.  Since the start of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, more than 70,000 Ukrainians have undergone amputations, with Unbroken treating more than 16,000 wounded and 300 amputees. 


Andriy Sadovyi, Mayor of Lviv, has made Unbroken one of the top priorities of his international engagement, stating that the center’s work is critical to Ukraine’s resilience. He expressed his willingness to share the valuable lessons he has learned with other countries that are also facing the challenges of armed conflict. He believes that his and fellow Ukrainians experiences and insights could be utilized to help others navigate similar situations and prevent further suffering. This initiative will help offer support and knowledge to organizations and individuals who are advocating for peace and stability in conflict-affected regions around the world.


Unbroken's executive director, Oleksandr Kobzarev, envisions a future where their campus serves as a beacon of hope for those who have suffered unimaginable pain through rehabilitation, prosthesis, and reintegration. Together, Unbroken will continue to expand their developments to create a nurturing environment that promotes physical and emotional healing, empowering individuals to overcome their past and embrace a brighter future. Oleksandr visualizes a future where those departing from the Unbroken facility are self-sufficient, empowered, and fully embraced by society. Their past may have been marked by the traumas of war, but their future is bright with endless possibilities and renewed hope.

The war will not prevent them from regaining their freedom of choice.


Beyond financial support, Kobzarev and his staff noted that they seek technical assistance in mitigating the impact of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) on military personnel and civilians — as survivors experience severe emotional and psychological trauma. Unbroken staff is actively working with Yale University’s Center for Traumatic Stress and Recovery to address the needs of those affected by trauma. 

To learn more about Unbroken, check out their website here.


American and British NGOs Share Best Practices on Medical Treatment & Rehabilitation:

During a constructive meeting between American and British NGOs, they discussed the areas of need and best practices that could be implemented to treat wounded Ukrainians. A distinguished official from UK Med, who has made multiple site visits to Ukrainian medical facilities since the start of the war, emphasized the importance of training Ukraine’s soldiers, medical staff, and the public in treating wounds. The proper usage of saline and tourniquets was highlighted as a crucial aspect to greatly reduce infections at amputation sites, which could ultimately result in the need for re-amputation, extended hospitalization, and, in some cases, loss of life.


Notations were also made about the many infections that have become resistant to antibiotics, which increased the length of hospital stays and increased the estimated costs of the overall hospital stay. Semper Fi & America's Fund staff includes military veterans with prosthetic limbs as a result of combat injuries, and discussed the imperative need for an a holistic approach to rehabilitation. This includes the roles of nutrition and acupuncture for those who are experiencing Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI). To assist Ukrainians in need, Semper Fi donated NeuroFitness equipment (Neurofitness is an intensive training regime specifically designed for those with neurological conditions like brain injuries)


The creation of a support network of peers can be incredibly beneficial in the healing process. It not only helps prevent isolation but also works towards breaking down the stigma surrounding mental health. Semper Fi's team observed the essentiality of mental health when noticing how U.S. combat veterans' PTSD was passed down to their family members, including a growing number of their children who committed suicide.


 Check out news articles discussing the launch of Unbroken Cities.

Dr. Laritta Paolini, director of the wellness program at Semper Fi and America’s Fund, demonstrates how to operate donated NeuroFitness equipment on Mykhailo Yurchuk, a Ukrainian solider who lost his right leg and left arm during combat in the Kharkiv region.


from Wounded Ukrainians

Mykhailo Yurchuk, a Ukrainian paratrooper who lost an arm and leg in combat in the Kharkiv region, spoke about the multiple surgeries and rehabilitation he underwent and the mobility he now experiences with a prosthetic leg and a bionic arm.  


Natalya Stepanenky and her 12-year-old daughter Yana were attempting to escape the fighting in the Donetsk region in April 2022 when a Russian missile hit Kramatorsk railway station.  As a result of the explosion, Natalya lost her left leg below the knee, and Yana lost both legs below the knees.  In July 2022, the U.S. NGO Right to Walk Foundation brought Natalya and Yana to San Diego to receive prosthetic legs.  Both returned to Ukraine to continue their rehabilitation with Unbroken and now walk without any assistance.  


All three of the Ukrainians expressed interest in telling their stories to others to raise awareness about Unbroken’s work.  Yurchuk also serves as a mentor to other wounded combat veterans who are undergoing treatment at Unbroken.


Together, One World Strong and Unbroken are joining forces in a powerful social media campaign throughout 2024 to share their personal stories. Their aim is to inspire and raise awareness, uniting people around the world through the strength of their collective experiences.

U.S. State Department's Integrated Country Strategy (ICS)
 Ukraine is fighting for its survival. Supplied and trained by the United States and other NATO member states, the Ukrainian armed forces are emerging as a confident, battle-tested military, successfully liberating thousands of square miles from Russian control since the start of the full-scale war. However, Russia still illegally occupies some 22% of Ukrainian territory. To prevail on the battlefield, Ukraine needs continued military and security assistance. Russian attacks on civilians, Ukraine’s energy grid, and civil infrastructure require continued humanitarian, economic, and development assistance. Jumpstarting the economy and boosting government revenue are key to the country’s fiscal health to reduce the dependence on direct budget support from international donors. To get more information about this initiative, please visit the following document.


Win the War

Ukraine will effectively employ a comprehensive approach that leverages security, humanitarian, economic, and diplomatic tools to achieve victory on the battlefield and facilitate the establishment of a just and enduring peace.


Win the Peace

Ukraine will steadily progress towards its goal of achieving sustainable Euro-Atlantic integration by focusing on strengthening its civil society and democratic and economic institutions and implementing effective anti-corruption measures. This approach is aimed at ensuring a secure and just future, where every citizen can enjoy the benefits of prosperity and progress.


Hold Russia Accountable

Ukraine and its allies will seek to hold Russia and its enablers accountable for war crimes and severe damage to Ukraine. The Ukrainian government will build upon its capacity to document, investigate, and prosecute war crimes and enlist support from international partners to ensure the perpetrators are held responsible. The appropriate laws will be leveraged to seize Russian assets to finance Ukraine’s reconstruction and recovery. A stable and prosperous Ukraine will seek out reconciliation in previously occupied territories and fully integrate these communities back into Ukrainian society. Reconciliation will also be for internally displaced persons, returned refugees, survivors of conflict-related sexual violence and all other forms of violence, and veterans.

Glimpses of the Unbroken Cities Network

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