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What we do

The One World Strong Foundation is a non-profit organization that was established to help individuals and communities affected by terrorist attacks, hate crimes, and other traumatic events. The foundation aims to provide support, resources, and guidance to those who are struggling with the physical, emotional, and psychological aftermath of such incidents. 

By working closely with local organizations, government agencies, and other non-profits, the One World Strong Foundation strives to create a more peaceful, just, and compassionate world. It is committed to fostering understanding, empathy, and cooperation across cultures, religions, and nationalities, and to promoting the values of tolerance, diversity, and inclusion.

Syria Strong - the resilience of children always inspires


We endeavor to provide compassionate, non-political and non-religious support to individuals and families within a few weeks of the incident—when the full weight of a new reality can be overwhelming—and then be there for them throughout the healing process, however long that takes.

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