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Moving to End Violence 

About the Fundraiser

Your donation helps fund the One World mission and our innovative new application designed to provide immediate help to those who need it most. Set to be released this coming winter, this first-of-its kind app works like a digital resiliency center serving three distinct groups:

  • Victims of extremism/terrorism and mass violence who will be connected with services they need to begin the long journey of healing.

  • Individuals at risk of committing violence who will be connected with services they need to build a new life and identity away from violence.

  • Military Veterans and their families here in the U.S, and overseas with connection and ongoing support that they require.

To help sponsor our efforts nationally and internationally, please join our growing number of practitioners and donors globally. 



DF Boston Mararthon.png

This year, in support of the resilience, connection and prevention application that One World is building, we’re inviting other practitioners in the support and prevention space to join our fundraising team for the historic Boston Marathon.


Each of our partnering organizations share our vision of

ending ideologically-motivated violence.

Meet our 2023 Partners - Coming Soon

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