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For Every Survivor, Every Traumatic Event.

One World Strong is There.

As a non-profit organization, One World Strong has been established and is supported by survivors of the Boston Marathon Bombing. Our primary goal is to offer compassionate support to individuals who have experienced tragedy. We understand the deep impact of such events and aim to address both the physical and emotional needs of those affected. Whether it's providing a listening ear or practical assistance, our dedicated team is committed to helping individuals navigate through the difficult times they may be facing.

How We Can Help

Early On-Site Intervention

Within days of a traumatic event, we deploy to the local community to meet face-to-face with anyone who has been directly affected. We want to offer hope, guidance, coaching, and companionship during the physical, mental, and emotional journey towards recovery.

Follow Up Support Visits

We make return trips to a traumatized community whenever circumstances warrant it. This might be due to ongoing conflict in the area, unexpected fallout from the initial event, or significant anniversaries of attacks.

Long-term relationships facilitated by technology

A secure private network with simultaneous translation capabilities enables our survivor mentors to maintain a vibrant friendship with each person they coach through our mobile app, ResilienceNet.

Syrian American Medical Society in Jordan
Destroyed building, survivors in the aftermath

After witnessing the strength and resilience of the Boston Marathon community come together after the bombings, we knew we had to do something to create a positive impact. One World Strong was born from a desire to support victims of terrorism and help them heal. Our organization provides resources and support services that focus on healing, resilience and community building.

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As part of the Unbroken Cities Network, the One World Strong program is supporting the efforts of UNBROKEN in Ukraine. UNBROKEN is a unique humanitarian ecosystem of projects in Ukraine that help those who are affected by Russian aggression - treatment, prostheses, physical and psychological rehabilitation, and reintegration. Please support our recovery and resilience efforts with UNBROKEN. Donate here by clicking this link.

"It's a regular conversation and it's different everywhere we go. Not everybody heals the same way, and that's the most important thing to remember in all this. You know, they don't have to tell their whole story. They understand that you've been through something, and there's almost an instant bond. I've seen it in many places around the world now.  It's as if you've known somebody your whole life. It's that quick of a connection."

- Dave Fortier, OWS President & Founder

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