Our Board of Directors

Dave Fortier

President, One World Strong

Tom Benoit

CFO, Semper Fi Fund

Kevin Fortier

President, I-Core Networks

Our Advisory Board

Mohamed Ahmed

CEO of BrigdeComm Strategies an international security and diplomacy consultancy firm. A leading voice in business and civic circles, providing guidance to local and national leaders and organizations on national security, countering violent extremism, conflict resolution, economic empowerment, government relations, and education. Serves as a commissioner on the City of San Diego Commission on Gang Prevention and Intervention and also serves as Associate Chief Diversity Officer at San Diego State University. 

Rola Alamro

Survivor, 2005 Hotel Attacks in Amman, Jordan - One World Strong Survivor Mentor 

Fared Al Mahlool

Independent Syrian #Journalist, covering mainly #Syrian affairs and the ongoing humanitarian crisis across the Syrian-Turkish borders. #Idlib Survivor from the bombing of the Syrian warplanes when they targeted my house in the city of Maarat al-Numan, south of Idlib. He works as a photographer with the Syrian American Council, and is again working with the British newspaper The Telegraph and Free Lance. Fared lives in an area in the western countryside of Idlib, near the Syrian-Turkish border

Saïd Akjour

Survivor, 2017 Quebec City Mosque Attack - One World Strong Survivor Mentor 

Rakan Nawaf Alghaniem

Specialist in social entrepreneurship, security and countering extremism and terrorism.

Background in international relations and political science through The University of Jordan.

Mohamed Ali

Peace activist and human rights lawyer who works on developing cutting-edge ideas and solutions to foster peace, violence prevention and sustainable development in fragile and conflict affected states. Founder of Iftiin Foundation in Somalia, which empowers youth entrepreneurs. Born in Mogadishu, he has worked hard to create innovative programs that strengthen security, stability, rights, and human dignity in Africa.

Diane Buchanan

Volunteer, Resiliency Center of Newtown

Scott Buchanan

Chairman, Resiliency Center of Newtown; former Executive, Pepsico

Amanda Gregory Carpenter

Survivor, 9/11 attacks New York City; Survivor Mentor, One World Strong

Hakim Chambaz

Survivor, 2017 Quebec City Mosque Attack - One World Strong Survivor Mentor 

Nidhi Chaphekar

A survivor of the Brussels Zaventem airport terror attack on 22 March 2016. Nidhi is a shining emblem of hope, faith and a never-say-die spirit, a TEDx speaker, an upcoming author, an individual member of WANGO, motivator and change evangelist. She is officially designated as "The Godmother" of all the members of "Direction Public Security of the Belgium Federal Police", and has achieved numerous awards for her courage, bravery and efforts to spread the message of love and peace.

Stephanie N. Cinque, MSW

Founder and executive director at The Resiliency Center of Newtown (RCN). RCN is an organization that opened in response to the December 14, 2012 tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The center offers free trauma-informed non-traditional therapeutic services and a safe space for people to gather and heal.

Gregory R. Ciottone, MD, FACEP

Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Angel Colon
Survivor, 2016 Pulse nightclub shootings; Advocate for survivors of trauma

Amy C. DeYoung​

Hospital incident command participant, 2016 Pulse nightclub shootings; Administrator of Allied Health, Support Services & Orlando Health Rehabilitation Institute, Orlando Regional Medical Center

Jaimee DeMone, MD

OB/GYN at Women's Health of Central MA;

Assistant Professor at the University of Massachusetts 

Kenneth R. Earley

Counsel - Corporate Practice Group - Morse 

Michael Evans

Survivor and Family Services Consultant

Robert Fogerty
Founder and Executive Director, Dear World

Darrel Folkert

Survivor, 2013 Boston Marathon bombings; One World Strong Survivor Mentor


Jac Folkert

Survivor, 2013 Boston Marathon bombings; One World Strong Survivor Mentor

Travis D. Frain

Survivor of the Westminster Bridge Attack in March 2017, Mentor, and Advocate. MA Military History Student at Lancaster University.

Alan Fraser

Director of Community Development at Cranford Community College, a high school in London.  Cranford is recognised by the European Union as a school of best practice in countering violent extremism through education.

ZAMBO Régis Gaël

An internationalist lawyer, expert in human rights, countering violence extremism, and peace building in Cameroon. He now serves with the African Positive Peace Initiative in Cameroon (APPIC), and has worked with African Collective Against Radicalization and Terrorism (ACA-RT) as Assistant of the Executive Secretary.  In Cameroon, Zambo works in the far North Region in support of victims of terrorism caused by BOKO HARAM, and focuses on peace building in the region. He is a Co- Founder of Cameroon Association of Victims of Terrorism, and is now a Representative of the One World Strong Foundation in Cameroon, as well as the Lake Chad region.

Eliza Gedney

Survivor, 2013 Boston Marathon bombings; Survivor Mentor, One World Strong; Consultant, Charles River Associates

Deeqo Jlbril

Survivor, Somali Refugee - One World Strong Survivor Mentor 

Ashraf Al Khaled

Survivor, 2005 Hotel Attacks in Amman, Jordan 

Deb Kerr

Case Manager, Semper Fi Fund

Colton Kilgore

Survivor, 2013 Boston Marathon bombings; One World Strong Survivor Mentor 

Wendy Lethin

Vice President Community Outreach, Semper Fi Fund

Mark Margolis

Survivor, July 2005 London bombings; Advocate for the London, Manchester and Tunisia survivor communities; Technical Director, Microsoft Partner UK, Microsoft

Phil “Tank” McGovern III, MA, MA

Captain, Office of Safety, Boston Emergency Medical Services

David McGillivray

Founder, DMSE Sports; Boston Marathon Race Director, philanthropist, motivational speaker

Tony Moore

First Responder and Survivor Mentor, July 2005 London bombings; Advocate for the London, Manchester and Tunisia survivor communities globally

Dixie Patterson

Boston Marathon First Responder - One World Strong Survivor Mentor and Medical Advisor

Susan Rocco

Vice President, Case Management,

Semper Fi Fund

Georges Salines

Survivor family member, November 13, 2015 Paris attack - Bataclan Theatre; member of 13 Novembre: Fraternité et Vérité; Public Health Physician 

Richard Serino
Distinguished Visiting Fellow, National Preparedness Leadership Initiative
Harvard Kennedy School of Government; Deputy Director FEMA (2009- 2014); Chief, Boston FEMA (retired)

Spence Shepard
Service dog training, behavioral reforms and support

Jen Tutak

Social Impact Consultant, Monitor Institute

Rebekah Varney

Survivor, 2013 Boston Marathon bombings; Survivor Mentor, One World Strong

Amalia Voskanyan RN

President and CEO, Disaster Medicine Institute; Co-Director, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Fellowship in Disaster Medicine

Kathy Wise
Deputy, Semper Fi Fund Community Sports

Who we are


Who we are