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Our Story

The Story of Survivors


Our Beginning


In the days following the Boston Marathon bombings, those of us who survived the attack received an amazing outpouring of love and support from people just like you throughout the world. We’ll never forget how members of the Semper Fi Fund—a group of veterans injured in Iraq and Afghanistan—traveled to Boston to provide one-on-one mentorship and guidance to survivors who sustained similar injuries to their own.


It helped us to imagine the possibility of a positive future when we needed it most. And the long-term relationships that ensued also allowed us to move through the healing process, both physically and emotionally, in a much faster way. 




We are deeply grateful for the support we received in our darkest hours, and we recognize we now have the very unique ability to “pay it forward” by providing this invaluable service to others. 


Our goal is to build an international community of survivors, dedicated to helping others who are impacted by terrorism, hate or trauma in their time of need.

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